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"The SECRET to Beautiful Palominos is
Long, Luxurious Manes and Tails!"

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Palomino Horses

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Palomino Beauty Secrets

The Surprising Benefits You Gain By Having a Gorgeous Palomino! 

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Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse

     The Number One most significant improvement that you can make to a Palomino horse, is to grow a long, thick, luxurious mane and tail on him or her.  If the horse has conformational flaws, the beauty of the flowing mane and tail completely take the attention off anything on the horse that is less than desirable.  It not only frames, but just completes the whole horse making it a stunning sight to behold.  This is the kind of horse fairy tales and dreams are made of.

     There’s nothing like the sight of a champion Palomino reining horse with its classic mane flying during a spin.   Everyone loves the magical splendor

of a golden palomino set off by it's long flowing white mane and tail and what Arabian doesn't look more refined when it's gracefully arched neck is clothed with a flowing mane?
     All gaited horses have their flashing gait shown off by the beautiful mane and tail keeping time with their steps.
     Most Natural Horseman advocates prefer the natural beauty of an uncropped, natural long mane and tail as nature intended. 

Palomino Arabian horse

    Even carousel horses would be nothing without their thick manes and long tails waving in the wind as they go around and around.

     The classic image of a champion palomino reining horse is dramatically enhanced by the long mane and tail flying as the horse makes its spins.  Without that, the spin isn't nearly as crowd pleasing and attention getting.  Friesian horse association Friesians horse for sale Friesian horse sales Friesian horse association
Chocolate Palomino horse

     None of the fairy tales describe a majestic horse with anything less than the mane and tail flying in the wind as the hero gallops in to save the damsel in distress.  People throughout the ages have admired and longed for this kind of beauty depicted in history. 
     All of the Fairy Tale mental images are
what I always wanted, but I  couldn't figure out how to make it a reality for a long time.

        Once I discovered how simple and FAST it is to grow the mane and tail I always dreamed of, I discovered much more that I didn't expect.  I found out that having a gorgeous horse impacts many more aspects of both the horse's life and the owner.  It changes the way people react and respond to your horse in unexpected ways, everywhere you go!


     The first and most obvious change is that you and your horse both get noticed a lot!  You Suddenly Get TONS of Attention.  Everyone wants to talk to you about your jaw dropping horse. 

     They compliment, they ooh and aah, they pet and praise your horse.  They ask if they can take a picture.  They want to know everything about your horse.  The horse owners want to know how on earth you got the mane and tail to grow so long and thick.  When you tell them how FAST and easy it is, they all want to know your secret. 

Palomino horse


     This has the secondary side effect of you Meeting Lots of New People!  I am an open and friendly person, but I'm a little on the shy side when it comes to approaching strangers.  I am not one of those people who will just walk up to someone I don't know and start talking.       

Palomino Horse Show

     As soon as I show up on the scene with one of my gorgeous  horses, every one comes up to ME and starts talking.  I can't tell you how many new friends I have made because of this. 
Palomino reining horse

 This has really added a whole new dimension to my life because I was so shy, that I had trouble meeting new people.  That is not the case anymore!  Now, thanks to my horses, I have more friends than I know what to do with!  A friend even met her future husband this way.   He came up to her and started talking to her about her horse.  It's a real ice breaker and conversation starter!   


     This next observation is one that I suspected for a long time, but couldn't really prove it until I made my horses stand out by having attention getting beauty.
     I had horses that I was showing that I KNEW were better than some of the prettier, flashier horses that were getting better ribbons than me in the shows.  I knew it was because my "Plain Jane" horse wasn't catching the judge's eye or even getting a  second look.  It isn't fair, but its human nature.  Our eye is naturally drawn to what is pleasing to the we give it more of our attention.

     Once my horses became the most stunning horse in the show ring, the tables were turned.  I started winning WAY more ribbons with the same horses!! 
     I hate to admit it, but now I sometimes think that my horses win over horses that are better than they are, just because they stand out.  I feel bad...well, just a little!

Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse


     All this attention often leads to another unexpected surprise- FREE Publicity!  I've been on club trail rides, poker rides, charity rides and other various types of organized rides where the press has been there from newspapers, different magazines and all kinds of publications.  The same is true for horse shows, training seminars, fairs and exhibitions that I have gone to. 
Palomino Stallions for breeding Stud

Who do you think the professional photographers want to get a picture of?  They want the most beautiful horse there that everyone is making a big fuss over.  They know that the public loves to see pictures of beautiful horses.  They always gravitate right to me and my horse. 

      This has resulted in me getting free publicity for my barn, which helped to fill it up.  I also have gotten a ton of free publicity for my training services and even for selling horses and getting bookings for my breeding stallion. 

     And, almost always, the photographer will mail me copies of the pictures they take, just for asking for them.  Then I use those professional quality pictures in my paid advertising.  This makes me look way more professional than if I had just taken pictures myself.

   Eric Gean riding "Ranger" a Palomino Spotted Horse  People very often contact me when they see my horses in some newspaper or magazine and inquire more about what I have to offer.  Once, when a picture was taken of one of the horses during Summer Camp, the rest of the Summer Camp filled up immediately when the picture appeared in the local newspaper!  Newspaper Editors know that people always love pictures of animals.  I can't tell you how much this has helped my business and increased my bottom line- ALL FOR FREE!   

     I have found that I can Save a Lot of Money buying a plain looking horse because the current owners don't put that much value on it. They think there is nothing special or fancy or pretty about their horse, so they price it low.

     With today's market the way that it is, people are practically giving away the more plain, boring looking horses.  You can get great horses right now for next to nothing!  In many cases, people are even giving away horses they can't afford to feed anymore.  Some of these are really awesome horses that just need a little help in the grooming department.

Grow a long mane and tail on a Palomino

     I look for these knowing that I can get them cheap and turn them into Grows YOUR Horse's Manes and Tails.  If you are looking for your first horse, and need to keep the price low, I'd look for a good horse that is on the plain side because you know you can make it gorgeous!

     The next point is rather obvious, but I'll say it anyway.  When

you make any horse more beautiful, You Increase Its Value.  A beautiful horse is always going to sell for more money and quicker than a horse of equal quality that does not have the outstanding looks. The best way to make a horse more beautiful and even to hide some flaws, is to grow a breath taking mane and tail on it.

Arabian Palomino

 People will scramble to pay top dollar for a horse their friends will envy!

     Since making a horse beautiful increases its value, I have taken that a step further to Make Extra Money with it.  I have bought many of those "ugly duckling" horses and magically turned them into beautiful swans seemingly over night.  I love it when sometimes the previous owner sees what they gave up!  They can't believe the miraculous change!

Palomino stallion

I have actually sold horses for several times what I paid for them simply by growing a thick flowing mane and tail and cleaning them up.  I can count on an average of three to four inches of growth on the mane and tail per month, so in just three or four months, I can add a foot of growth.

  This makes a rapid and drastic difference in the way the horse looks in a really short time! 

     I can't help but swell with Pride when I look at my 16 year old gelding that is completely blind.  I've had him for about 10 years and he's been blind about 4 years now.  When I look at him, I can't explain the pride and joy that I feel because he is so beautiful!  I could spend hours just primping and pampering him and admiring his breathtaking beauty.  His thick forelock goes down past his nose and covers his eyes, so most people don't even realize he is blind.  Palominos for sale
     He is so gentle and trusting and sweet, that people are shocked when I brush his forelock away from his eyes to reveal that he is totally blind.  They can't believe that he is so calm for not being able to see a thing! 
     I used to show him all the time and he loved it.  I've recently decided that I think he would like for us to get back in the show ring again.  I don't want him to be treated any differently from the sighted horses, but I feel confident that no one will even know with his beautiful forelock covering his eyes and his stunning mane and tail taking the attention away anyway.
     To see his picture and to find out how you too can grow amazing manes and tails and make any horse stunningly gorgeous, just enter your email address below and you will instantly receive more information on the very next page.  I'll meet you there in a second!

To Beautiful Horses for Everyone,


       ~Beth Moore




Palomino Horse Show

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"I Never Thought One Ingredient Could..."

"Thank You Beth!  I never thought one little ingredient could make such a huge difference in Mystic growing a longer, thicker mane and tail.   After only 2 months, I can't believe how beautiful he is.  Thanks a million!"

Christine Carrelli
-Kinnesswood, Kincross  United Kingdom

Palomino horse


Palominos horses

"Do you give the horse his strength
or clothe his neck with a flowing mane?"
(Job 39:19 NIV)  


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"This Was a Real Eye Opener For Me!..." 
"Thank You Beth!  Your Horse Beauty Secrets was a real eye opener for me!  I can't wait to have the manes and tails like the ones in all these beautiful pictures.  You've gotten me so excited!  Thanks again!"

Jenny Harper
-Middlesbrough, Cleveland  United Kingdom

Palomino Horses

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